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2021: The GREAT SHIFT (a moment of reflection)


…This has been the year for many transitions and pivots for so many businesses including Anne Temple Studio. Community has a new definition for my business. Prior to Covid, I would have defined the majority of my creative work and creative community by my studio on 4400 Colley Ave, a brick and mortar (that I loved!) connected to a close-knit local sphere.

In 2021, I said goodbye to my brick and mortar, moved my studio to my home and shifted my art business to more of a virtual community.

I have been so surprised and thankful at all the truly good things that have come from this shift…fun stories where my art made connections for others that I never would have dreamed of, art break Wednesdays, virtual launches, enhanced newsletter, a revived blog, amazing collaborations, and more time with my family. This new virtual community combined with my strong local community has broadened my connections, support and opportunities for creativity. At the end of this wild year, I want to say thank you so much to everyone who has supported me through this change and to those new members of the Anne Temple community who have recently joined!! So looking forward to what 2022 will bring….hope you enjoy a few photos of this past year!


Anne Temple

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