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INSPIRATION: why the everyday matters


Everyday moments is actually where we live out our lives 🤔. Social media (and let it be said I don’t hate social media😉) would have us believe that our every day lives are perfect trips, the perfect party, the best outfit, the most beautifully prepared food, the perfectly edited photo of our family and friends. I mean, listen, I for sure work to curate the hell out of my Instagram feed so that it is beautiful to look at 😍!

But that’s not what inspires me….

Inspiration by definition: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. (Thanks Google!)✨ What is inspires me are the everyday moments: the table scape after the meal is over, the slice of Duncan Heinz cake my son chooses year after year for his birthday cake, flowers always, beach scenes around me locally and when I travel, the sky and it’s vast array of different colors throughout the day and seasons, dishes, a stack of coffee mugs in my cabinet, an older couple walking hand in hand. These are the things that inspire me. This is why I paint everyday objects and scenes b/c that’s what I think we connect with, what we are familiar with. Beauty is so alluring and captivating and I find it most in the everyday living of our regular, ordinary lives.

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