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Practice, Practice, Practice

One of my goals this year is to grow as artist. I've been painting for almost 10 years now but during those 10 years I also started and closed an art gallery, started and closed an event venue and was busy raising my 3 teenage sons. I painted for sure, released collections, had art shows. But now things are different. I am more focused, less distracted, more ready to dedicate my time and energy to this passion for painting. I'm more open to exploring, painting for the purpose of learning and following my curiosities.

And so I practice, practice, practice because as it turns out, that is still the best way to learn, hahaha! I'm not only practicing painting, but also practicing removing expectations of myself in the studio. That looks like painting when I don't "feel" like it, sketching without expecting it to be "good", and being OK with redrawing a boat 7 times before it's right.

It's only been 2 months and already I've learned so much, which keeps me going back to the studio again and again. I hope this encourages you. I hope you know it's good to try new things, to not be perfect at something and to keep trying! I used to HATE the "process" part of art, of learning, of making mistakes, of not achieving the results I wanted...but I am becoming more and more deeply aware of the beauty that lies in the practicing and not just the finished product.


Anne Temple

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