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Custom Artwork

It's so special to have a work of art created just for you and I'd love to do this for you! Keep reading below for all the details!

The Details

1.  Size 


First step is to send me an email inquiry with a photo of the space you'd like the painting to go.  From this I can help you determine the best size for the space and it will help the process moving forward to go smooth as butter! 

2. Deposit 

Once a size is determined, I will set up a link for the responsible party to pay a 50% deposit of the completed project.

3. Color and Style

Now for the fun part!  I generally have two styles of painting: abstract (expresses mood and emotion through colors and shapes) and representational (where you recognize what you see as something that represents real life).  A lot of my clients ask me for pieces that are similar to what I've painted before just in a different size or colors.  So, this is when you and I talk about colors that you definitely want in your painting and the style that you want (abstract or representation).  I love this part because I get to listen and get to know you and the colors that speak to you so I create a piece that is just for you.  This is often when clients tell me how they want to feel when they look at their piece of art.  I LOVE GOING THROUGH THIS WITH MY CLIENTS!  I make this FUN, not scary or intimidating.

4. Finished Work

The finished painting will be framed and ready to hang.  You can arrange to pick it up in person or pay to have it shipped to you.  Final payment will be due at this time.

Depending on size, completed paintings will take 4-6 weeks from time of the approved mockup.  Oil paint takes some time to dry!!

Prices range from $500 (24x24) to $2000 (48x48).  Sizes are not limited to this range.  

READY TO BEGIN?? Send me an inquiry email to get started and receive more pricing information.  Also, feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have!






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